Open Source in Pharma Governance

Open Source in Pharma is a transperant non-profit. Use the fields below to get to know our organisation, and where you can get involved.

Incoporated as a corporation in 2021 and recognised as a registered non-profit by North Coralina in 2022, Open Source in Pharma was originally formed to govern and support the R/Pharma conference. This has expanded to the R/Pharma task forces, and supporting efforts like the creation of Coursera content.

Mission statement

Foster a global community centred around adoption of open source technology in Pharma by being an inclusive software foundation devoted to an open philosophy, participatory community driven development, and connecting practitioners into a cohesive community.

Open Source in Pharma Goals

The following aspirational goals support the overall mission. As a foundation we seek to:

  • champion the use of open-source and community participation through the development of an open education curriculum
  • remain vendor neutral
  • continue to foster the community through conferences, meetups and provide a collaborative platform for discussion
  • be a welcoming and inclusive worldwide organization at all levels
  • celebrate excellence, openness and service in an open source context within the Pharma community

Board of Directors

Name Directorship Affiliation
Harvey Lieberman President Associate Director, Novartis
James Black Secretary, VP of Technology Senior Director, Roche
Michael Blanks Treasurer, VP of Finance Associate Director, BeiGene
Phil Bowsher Vice Chair, VP or Development Director, Posit
Paulo Bargo Chair, VP of Operations Head R&D Data and AA, Ethicon
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Key Documents

Document Description
Meeting minutes We store the minutes from our meetings on Github in a public repo OpenSourceinPharma/minutes
Policy documents We store our governance policies in a public repo OpenSourceinPharma/policies
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